Friday, May 27, 2011

Darkspell's Book Cover!

This is what the fantastic Jaimey Grant has been up to (still working on it):

Super cover artist Jaimey has taken what I started and added magic!
Can you see Alex, my MC, staring at you?
That, my dearies, is my 11 year old son.
I manipulated his face on my PAINT program.
Yup. Paint. Not Photoshop.
I really need to update myself, don't I?
I promise, I will!

How cool does the cover look?
It is wicked awesome!

Releases fall of 2011!


  1. Fabulous, Elizabeth. It gives one chills to see the dream coming alive.

  2. So yummy! I agree with Rebecca. I have chills, too. :)

  3. I love it! It pulls me right in and makes me want to pick the book up.

  4. I would pick that right up! And your son? Wow, awesome!

  5. Great cover, Elizabeth - so exciting!

  6. Having a good cover designer can make or break a book. Definitely good that yours is accessible to you!

  7. Rebecca, yes it does! <3

    Yamile, thank you!

    Leisha, oh, great, I'm glad you think he's yummy--you just gave me butterflies in my tummy! <3

    Heather, thank you, that means a LOT!

    Jonene, thank you! :D

    Elizabeth, thank you!!!

    Emily, thank you! She owns her own business, you can hire her, just click on her link for her site! :D

  8. Great cover and perfect title font!


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