Monday, August 1, 2011

Waxing the Cat Part II

I'm laughing at myself this morning. All summer long I couldn't wait for the first day of school because then I would have peace and quiet and get some writing done.

This morning I sent my older three off to the bus, then walked the younger two down to the elementary school. After a good-bye kiss, and testing to see my bespectacled first-grader could read the board from his seat, I waltzed out the door, a free spirit. Did I go straight home and start writing?


First I went jogging on the beach. Hey, exercise is important!

Then of course I had to shower, but not before checking and responding to some e-mails.

Then I decided to clean and vacuum my room. The pest control people are coming on Wednesday - I can't let them think I'm a slob.

Laundry came next. Also very important.

And some more e-mail.

And by then I needed to fix myself a snack.

Running out of excuses, I decided to call my husband at work and chat for a few minutes.

Now I'm writing a blog post and fighting an impulse to go out and check the mailbox.

WHY DO I DO THIS? Partly because I feel like I have all day, but that's an illusion. I'm killing my day slowly, minute by wasted minute. The other part is trepidation. Can I go in and face the fact that my manuscript isn't yet doing all those things I dreamed it would?

But if I don't get back to work, my manuscript will never do anything.

Bye! I'm off to do some scribbling!


  1. Ah, it all sounds so familiar. You'd think my own brain would be on my side, but no...

  2. Hmmm...definitely sounds familiar! Going through it myself right now.

  3. Another part of it is getting back into shape. Just like I couldn't make it all the way down Laie Bay and back on my first jog of the season, my brain overheated after only two hours of intense writing. I got some good work done today, but tomorrow there will be even more.

  4. You are not alone. I feel like my day has been much the same. I always think I can work on it later. Hopefully I got enough cleaning and laundry done today that I will be out of excuses tomorrow. I am very jealous you get to jog on the beach.

  5. I've faced the whole "you have all day" illusion for the past week, and I'm finally getting over it. It just takes a prioritized to-do list, and a bit of determination. Good luck! (If I lived by the beach though, I'd never write.) ;)

  6. Wow, that's an impressive list of things you did. I wonder if this technique would work on my children? If they turn into writers, maybe while in avoidance phases they'll get their homework, chores, and practicing done. : )

  7. I hear you! I'm so good at waxing the cat, you'd think the poor thing would be bald by now. I must sit and write today. Wait, was the my email alert? Oh, I have to check that. LOL.

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  9. Oh, wow... I wish I could go for a nice jog on the beach, too! *sigh*

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  10. Very funny. But, hey, those were all important things that you did. I know the feeling. Good luck with your manuscript.

  11. Ah yes, the illusion of having "a whole day" to write. I know that delusion/illusion very well, LOL!

  12. I fully appreciate the pressure of writing. Best of luck to you!!!

  13. I so get this! I have reserved days for writing, and yet then I must exercise and get things "out of the way" first. I am then usually left with only a couple of hours!


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