Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Power

What was your favorite place at your elementary school? Was it the playground? The cafeteria? The music room?

How about the library?

Yes, the library was my favorite. I used to sneak off and go there every chance I had. I'd hurry through my classwork and ask the teacher, "Can I go to the library?" When I got there, I'd slowly walk along the shelves, reading each title, feeling like each book was a present wrapped up between its covers, a present waiting for me to open it.

So I was thrilled to read this article on about how funding for school libraries increases standardized test scores. Many studies have shown that increased spending on schools doesn't really improve student performance, but according to this article, when the spending goes to improve the library, kids actually do better on standardized tests and on other measures of learning.

Tell your local school board! How do we improve student learning? Better school libraries!


  1. Wow, now there's a great statistic worth passing on! I love hearing good things like that.

    I have such fond memories of my Elementary school library. I remember reading VIRGINIA DARE and THE LITTLEST WITCH (who was really a stolen fairy - I loved that book in first grade!) and NANCY DREW. The once a week visit wasn't nearly enough. It was awesome, but it's even more awesome to see another child falling in love with reading. I hope more schools follow suit!

  2. Thanks for sharing the memories, Jonene! I always loved the fantasy books, much to the dismay of our dear old librarian, who would get this pinched look on her face when I'd come up to the desk with some Roald Dahl or Lloyd Alexander. Just to keep her happy, I read TEETONCY and THE CAY as well. It was good for me.

  3. I loved the library! I read so many fun books and discovered there were DIFFERENT genres in there. Awww. Great memories.


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