Saturday, February 18, 2012

#FREE #Darkspell all weekend. How? Read on!

 Growing up in an abusive home wasn't easy for me--I hated myself and wished for darker things. I found hope and became strong when I realized how loved I really am.

Please Share the Aware with Mybeauty-intensified for suicide prevention! All "likers" will get a FREE e-copy of Darkspell ALL weekend long, including President's Day!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, wow - sorry for what you've been through. I can see why the Mybeauty-intensified site is needed, especially after reading the story about the 12 year old boy. It's very kind of you to promote them with your book and I hope people who need it find it. I 'liked' it and am excited to read Darkspell. What should I do next?

  2. Kudos for you for being willing to speak out, Elizabeth, and lucky fans who get Darkspell for free! (I've already got my copy :-) I wish you much success with this, both in getting the word out and increasing the fanbase for your book.

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Elizabeth! I'm all for things that bring more hope and kindness into the world.

  4. Jonene, thank you! I hope you enjoy Darkspell! Yes, I know, being in that kind of spot is not easy at all. :(

    Emily thank you! :D

    Rebecca, you're welcome. *hugs*


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