Monday, October 15, 2012

FNR or "Full Novel Review"

If you like to write, as I do, you may have at one point, participated in a Full Novel Review (FNR). A FNR is fun! If you haven't participated in a FNR, you must! Of course, you'll need some key ingredients for it to work well. Here's the recipe!

4-6 serious writers
1/2 - 1 WIP per writer
2-3 months to prepare
2-4 weeks to read
1 great setting to meet

Gather 4-6 serious writers. It works best if you are all part of the same critique group. And by serious, I mean serious about the craft, not necessarily "serious." Each writer must have a WIP that is at least far enough along to be completed in a couple to three months. Please note that a polished completion is not necessary. It can be rough!

Let writers simmer for 2-3 months so their WIPs can be ready MS. Spread WIPs around so all writers have a copy. Let bake for 2-4 weeks so all writers can read each MS. Each writer should prepare at least a 1 page critique for each MS.

Take critique pages and writers, and let cool in a nice setting. A cabin or condo in the mountains sounds nice! But even at someone's house. Bring real food.

Have each writer say good things and then talk about things that are issues to them in the MS. Spend 30-45 minutes on each MS.

I have gotten great feedback at the FNRs I've been to.

I highly recommend them!



  1. It sounds like fun, Kevin - and insightful! /With a goal like that, it's good incentive for everyone in the group to finish their WIP's. We might just have to try it soon.

  2. I love participating in FNRs. It's a great way to give and receive feedback. :)

  3. This sounds like something I'm trying to start at BYU-Hawaii. I've found a few other teachers who are in various stages of writing novels, so we're forming a "Writing a Book Club." We'll meet once a semester to critique one member's work, and in the mean time act as encouragement and support for each other.

    Writing up the one page is not something I'd thought of, that would probably be really helpful too. Especially since it may be some time between reading and actually meeting. Thanks for the post, Kevin!


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