Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time Off for this Crazy wRiTeR

See them lovely waves a'lappin' round them sandy shores, Cap'n? Well, that be where I be. Enjoyin' life from a hard day's sweat in the sun. More like a hard day's work from writing.

Though writing is my first love after God and family, I've decided to take a 9 month break from it because of my pregnancy! My brain cells seem to vanish and my creative juices all head toward my baby. Hehe. But if you look at the calender, time's nearing for Junior to be born (March 10th is his expected birthday). So fast, isn't it? Wait a cotton pickin' second, me thinketh that a hard day's sweat in the sun is where I've been this entire time, carrying a wee bairn ain't no picnic. Oh well.

I've been doing lots of sleeping and decluttering of the nest as well as making sure that my other chikadees don't starve--that's a double fulltime job with baby growing. Whew!

So how badly has my writing suffered? Well ...
Interesting enough, I've had many inspiring stories to write, but I've jotted them as mere summaries in my notebook for later times. During my first trimester, I co-authed a trilogy with my sweetie 16 year-old. Boy, she sure is a spitfire of a partner, one that makes dreams come true as well as stories! She rocks the ship with such fierce devotion as well as creativity. I had entered Eros into Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Contest, but didn't make it to the first round, but at least I polished it and uploaded the cover that took me over 3 hours to paint. Gorgeous, isn't it?

I be hopin' to join the crew to par with more published books at the wheel, but til then, mateys, baby comes first.



  1. Thanks for the update on your coordinates, crewmate! I'm all for taking good, long breaks from writing now and then. And I remember having a reduction of creative energy during pregnancy. In one of my sketchbooks I have a self-caricature of me looking pregnant and put-out, and the caption says, "This is me unable to think of anything to draw because all my creative energy is going into the baby." But you know, of course, that while books are great, very very few of us will write books that will continue to be read a hundred years from now. On the other hand, if you have children and raise them well, very likely your grandchildren and great-grandchildren WILL be around and doing good things for the world a hundred years from now.

  2. Elizabeth, I wish you and your family the best with your new baby! And way to go, passing your love of writing on to your children!


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