Thursday, April 11, 2013

Write Space

I'm reading, "Imagine: How Creativity Works," by Jonah Lehrer. One of the key ingredients in creativity, according to him, is being part of a creative community. Pixar movies are awesome not just because of the talent at their studio, but because of the way they encourage their employees to work together. On the ground floor they have a huge open lobby with a breakfast cereal bar, an espresso bar, and I think I remember a video game room and a ping-pong table (my brother works there, I've had a tour). In spite of all these cushy amenities, the Pixar team works very, very hard and they've produced some of the best animated pictures of the last two decades. According to this book I'm reading, that's because people get their best ideas, and the impetus to make those ideas into reality, when hanging out with other creative people.

So now I'm envisioning my perfect writing space. It is no longer an isolated nook cut off from the rest of the world. No, it's a teeming hive of writing activity. I'd find dozens of dedicated writers from all sorts of genres to come and join me. We would each have a comfy little office with a nice computer and a window. The central lobby becomes our hang-out area with couches, tables, chairs, a big-screen TV, and lots of snacks and drinks. The walls are covered with art, especially book cover art, and white-boards. Plenty of white-boards. Everyone is encouraged to come out of their cubicle whenever they need a break and bounce ideas off anyone else who happens to be there.We'd hold workshops and classes right there in our own space, invite other writers we admire to come hang out with us, and go on field trips to crazy places just to get the creativity flowing.

We would write some of the most awesome books in the world.

Who's with me?


  1. Wow, sounds like writer's heaven! I'm in. : )

  2. Come on over and pick out your room, Jonene.

  3. Thanks, Rebecca! I'll bet they have an ocean view, too.

  4. Wow. Sign me up! That sounds perfect. I'll put it on my Christmas list.


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