Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jonene's Awesome News

Leisha here.

I missed my week to post due to the perfect storm of sickness and children. Ugh. BUT I'm jumping in now to post for Jonene. Actually, I locked her in a closet and hijacked her post because she won't brag about herself. Luckily, I'm good at bragging about my friends. It's a skill.

Jonene locked in a closet
Jonene has been sitting on some fabulous news for a while now, and it's time to shout it out. Jonene signed with an agent! I'm going to write that again because it's just that awesome. Jonene signed with an agent! (See, awesomesauce!) She will be working with Judith Engracia of Liza Dawson Associates

Judith Engracia not locked in a closet
I met Judith at LTUE in Utah this spring. She is brilliant, kind, and a perfect match for Jonene, who is also brilliant and kind. Jonene is a fabulous writer, and her book is absolutely delightful. She and Judith will make a great team. I'm so happy for both of them. Congratulations Jonene! I can't wait for your book launch. I'll be the first in line.  


  1. AHHHHH! That is so amazingly awesome! Hooray for Jonene! Thanks for sharing the news, Leisha. Jonene, I'm super proud of you. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks, Leisha (I picked the closet lock with a hairpin and a toothpick, but after seeing why I was locked in, I completely forgive you. You're awesome!)
    Thanks, Rebecca!
    Thanks, Susan!

  3. Fantastic news!!! Judith sounds like she's an awesome agent and person. Is this the same book we read at WIFYR? I loved it! I can't wait to be able to read the whole thing!

    1. Thanks, Yamile! Judith has been wonderful! She's everything Leisha described and has been a dream to work with. Yes, this is the same book, The Princess and the Pirate King.


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