Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My column on The Business Side of Writing

Hi all, very sorry to disappear for several months there. I'll talk more about what kept me busy in a later post. All during this time, though, I've been a regular guest blogger on Dawning of a Brighter Day, the blog for the Association of Mormon Letters, and I really should be cross posting links.

This month I posted on how to find the right agent for you. Rather than the usual advice about how to query and how to find agents, I focused on where you should be, emotionally and professionally, when it's time to find an agent. I've found agent querying to be a pretty intensely weird process, and I don't envy agents at all, with some of the authors they have to deal with. Unfortunately, I don't think it's all that hard to stand out, but to see more on that, head to this month's post.

Meanwhile, hello again! I've missed talking to you all!


  1. Thanks for posting, Emily! Great to see you again. I hope everything is going well, and I look forward to reading your article.

  2. *waves to Emily* I've been thinking about you a lot lately! Michael and I are releasing Open Minds in German tomorrow - something that wouldn't have happened without YOU! (we secretly talk about how you're awesome, in case your ears are burning!) *hugs*

  3. Emily, HI!!!! *waving!* Ah, yes, quite an interesting angle in querying an agent via emotional perspective. Nice! It is a whole different thing via that than the simple act!


    1. Thanks! Sorry for the belated reply. Was prepping my next book for launch and it was insane.


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