Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I am exhausted right now, but it's been a fun week. I launched my latest book, A Safe Space, which is a coming of age/reverse Cinderella story. My main character is a child star who's just aged out of her role on her hit show and is now unsure whether she can keep acting into adulthood. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any of the millions she earned as a child; those were all mismanaged away, so she faces adulthood like we all do, empty handed and in desperate need of a plan.

Meanwhile she's got an all consuming, inexplicable crush on a personal trainer at her gym. He's arrogant, abrasive, and often taunts my main character, which is the last thing she needs. However, his behavior isn't consistent towards her, and she has the nagging feeling there's something more going on.

There is, but I'm not going to tell you what. I had a blast writing this book. It's my eighth novel and while I'm still not making a living, I feel like I'm gaining new skills all the time. But most importantly, I'm very happy with my career. If it takes me decades to build up a shelf I can live off the royalties of, those will be some fun decades.

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