Friday, December 3, 2010

Success Comes to those who Don't Quit

My wonderful friend and critique partner Sherrie Petersen just landed an agent! Right when she was ready to quit.

It's a great story - here's my post about her, and her post about getting her agent.


  1. GASP! ICM is an awesome agency. I am so happy for your friend, Sue!

    It only takes one, the right one, doesn't it?

    Never give up, never surrender.

  2. That is way beyond awesome! I agree with Rebecca, never give up, never surrender!

    I'm going to go write that on my wall as the quote for today!

  3. I am oh-so-happy for Sherrie! She is a wonderful and supportive blogging friend and has definitely earned it! :-)

  4. Yay! I love hearing the good stuff! It really happens?!!


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