Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bottom of the Ninth

Within a few days I will write the last words of a first draft.

Nothing else seems to matter. There's laundry and dishes everywhere. I hope the kids did their homework. I wish I could lock myself in my room with my computer and have someone bring me my meals. Not that I'm sure I would eat them.

When I have to stop, it feels like my mind is coming back from a long ways away. And it doesn't want to stay for long.

I'd love to come up with some snappy concluding sentence for this post, but I really must get back to work.



  1. I love that feeling of being so close to the end of a first draft! Enjoy and we'll see you when you're done!

  2. Go, Rebecca! Writing is funnest and most addictive of life's respectable obsessions!

  3. Go, go, go! I'm so happy for you to reach that awesome ending! :)

  4. Means it's going well if it's this all consuming!

  5. Awesome, Rebecca. It's inconvenient, life, when you're in the zone.

    I do best when out at a coffee shop or library or somewhere I can't see the laundry and dishes. :)

  6. Wooohoo! How exciting! I'm doing a jig for you. The final sprint is a rush.

  7. Thanks, everyone! I did finally fold the laundry last night. It gave my brain a chance to cool off a little.

  8. I SO empathize with you. Good luck with it all, girl! You can do it!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥


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