Friday, April 1, 2011

Log Line Fest

Sue's first post on Hunger Games got me thinking about log lines. A log line is a great thing to have, especially when someone finds out you're a writer and they ask, "So tell me about your book." Especially, especially if that someone is an editor or an agent.

But even more important, it focuses the story in your own mind.

So let's have a log line fest! Put your log line in the comments.

I'll start off with a log line for my current project, MG fantasy:

Steven Fisher dreams of joining his parents in the Society of Peregrines, an undercover force that fights evil in thousands of worlds, but when the Peregrines accuse Steven's mom of selling secrets to their enemies, he'll risk everything to find the real culprit and save his mom from banishment.

Your turn!


  1. Yours sound great! I'm not quite ready to think of a good one for my 2 wips that are in edit mode, or my current one that's in write mode. Maybe I need to get to thinking about it.

  2. Great work on yours! I would definitely pick this book up and open to page 1! Here's mine:
    Kim Kircher's husband's illness wasn't something she could just blow up as she had done countless times on the ski slopes, dropping enough explosives until the avalanches fell where she could watch the mountain disintegrate from above. Instead, Kim faced the biggest double black diamond ski run of her life as she listened to the doctors put her husband on the transplant list while he fought bile duct cancer.

    The Next Fifteen Minutes is Kim's high octane story of how she drew strength from her life among the ski slopes and the daring world that showed her how to survive and fight back.

  3. This isn't fully fleshed out but I figured I'd give it a try anyway...

    Genevieve Whistler has believed in ghosts ever since her dead grandmother came to visit and now all she wants to do is convince the rest of the world that they exist. Unfortunately, Genevieve quickly finds out that she is not the only person able to communicate with ghosts and there are people who would rather see her die than succeed.

    Beyond is a paranormal thriller. Comments or suggestions (I could definitely use them!).

  4. Thanks, LM. Yes, do get thinking about it. Having a log line really crystallizes the story. I have to thank my crewmate Amber M for pushing me into coming up with this one at a writer party one night. It's been a guiding star for me ever since.

    Intriguing premise, Kim. It makes me want to go skiing. I like the contrast and comparison between the husband's illness and skiing. Putting those together should make for a really good drama.

    Genevieve Whistler is a great name for a ghost story protagonist, Sierra. I love that last line. Ghosts exist, but there's a conspiracy that keeps us from believing it! That rocketh.

  5. Rebecca, I think this is scarier than skiing through an avalanche. But it's sure fun seeing your loglines. Great ideas!

    All right, here goes mine:

    For David Jenner, losing his memory and waking on an uninhabited island seems bad enough, but then a beautiful self-proclaimed murderer washes ashore, claiming to be his punishment.

  6. Har har! Here's to all the brave souls who'll share their log lines with the crew!

    Jonene, it sounds like David is having a seriously bad day. At least his tormentor is pretty, ya?

    And I agree, it is fun to see log lines.

  7. I agree that having a good log-line is essential! I made one up for my new WiP, and I'm working on the query next ... even though I've barely fleshed out the plot. But I'm finding it's really helping to focus my work.

    That one's still sekrit, but here's the logline from my YA paranormal novel:

    Although everyone now reads minds, sixteen-year-old Kira Moore can’t and never will. After she almost kills her best friend by accident, she discovers she has the power to control minds and is torn between passing for normal and exposing the hidden mind-jackers of her world.

    Now that I read it, I think it needs to be shorter! Here's my hook line, but it's not a true log-line:

    In a world where everyone reads minds, only zeros can lie. Or keep secrets.

    Hmm...need to keep working it.

  8. Aw, Sue, I was hoping to tempt you to spill the beans on the sekrit project. Nice work on the log line for Open Minds. I tell ya, it is a different experience to read a log line when you've already read the book! I'm wishing you could get more of the awesome in there, but you only have so many words!

  9. I know, it needs some work. The book and log-line should both make the reader want more!

    Funny thing - it was much easier to write the log-line for sekrit project. Maybe because all the details aren't there yet?

  10. Sue, I think you're absolutely right. I had a horrible time coming up with a log line for Earthcrosser, but that one I posted above was easy because all I had was a plan in my head and no prose yet.

  11. Hey, I just realized you have Peregrines, and I have a Kestrel. :)


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