Saturday, October 22, 2011

Launching Darkspell with a SMASH!

I am throwing an online party over at my blog, October 31st! Join in the festivities to win a signed poster Illustrated by moi, a $10 Amazon gift certificate or a copy of Darkspell!

After signing up, all  you have to do is post on October 31st--Darkspell's release date--saying what you'd do if you had all the magic in the world. I will provide a cut-and-paste blurb of Darkspell with its cover. Viola!

Are you with me?

PS--please don't miss my stunning Illustration countdown--happening now!


  1. I am ready to go! Not really, no idea what my selection will be, but I have signed up.

  2. Hooray Elizabeth! We're excited for you.

  3. Can I have the materials to post and not enter? I'd rather the prize go to another of your fans, than me, who has the benefit of being in the Cove with you.

  4. Good luck on the launch (the picture is so pretty with color!)!!

  5. Way to go, Elizabeth! I'm with Emily. I'll happily pay when Darkspell's officially out and would rather your prizes go to other fans. I'm counting down!


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