Monday, October 24, 2011

CONTEST! Hurricane Season Double Book Launch Give-Away!

We here at the Scribblers Cove are thrilled that two of our jolly crew will celebrate book launches NEXT WEEK! Elizabeth Mueller will bring out her paranormal romance Darkspell on October 31st, and Sue Quinn reveals her paranormal sci-fi Open Minds on November 1st.

In honor of these big events, we're having a Hurricane Season Double Book Launch Give-Away! Between now and the end of November, enter to win the following fun prizes:

- A free e-book copy of Darkspell by Elizabeth Mueller

-A free e-book copy of Open Minds by Sue Quinn

-An official full-sized movie poster from the film "The Perfect Storm"

-A 5x7 print of "Macaw in Flight" by our very own Jonene Ficklin
-An 8x8 print of "Seahorse" by our very own Rachel Bayless

There are lots of easy ways to enter!

1. Leave a comment on this post. In your comment, be sure and let us know what additional entries you claim (+1 entry).

2. Join this blog if not already a follower (+1 entry).

3. Mention our Hurricane Season Double Book Launch Give-Away on your favorite social media networks (facebook, twitter, google+) and include a link to this blog post (+1 entry per each).

4. Blog or post about Sue's or Elizabeth's book launch and include a link to their websites:

Sue Quinn's Mindjack Trilogy Website:

Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell Website:

(+1 entry per each)

Contest officially closes at midnight EST on November 30th. Winners will be announced on Dec 1 (after I get up in the morning. Give me some time, the sun rises late out here in the middle of the Pacific).

THANKS FOR HELPING US SPREAD THE WORD! Best wishes to our two daring pirate ladies as they launch for high adventure this hurricane season. We're mightily proud o' ye both!


  1. Woohoo! Way to go Elizabeth and Sue! We're so excited for you. And thanks for promoting two very deserving writers, Rebecca!

  2. fantastic prizes.
    comment +1
    follower +1
    about to tweet +1
    will mention Sue and Elizabeth's books in tomorrow's post +2

  3. I just love the share buttons at the bottom of every post. I've google+ it, twittered, and posted on a few pages on facebook. I'll do this again tomorrow. Don't enter me, I'm promoting myself along with my bud, Sue! <3 :)

    Jonene, thank you! Rebecca rocks!

  4. I blogged and tweeted and the blog will feed into FB, but obviously I am not entering this. I will be buying my copies of the books when they come out!

  5. @Everyone Thanks so much!! I'll keep touting this as we sail along...

  6. I would love to win these cool prizes!

  7. I can never resist the prospect of a free book or two. :-)

  8. Great prizes. Count me in.
    Follower +1
    Tweeted +1!/msugar13
    Facebook +1 facebook Melissa Sugar-Gold
    Will post about Elizabeth and Sue in Friday's Post and then come back to provide link +2

    Cool Contest Congratulations to Elizabeth & Sue

  9. Wow--First Love the background on the blog! :) The books sound awesome!
    So I will tweet (1), Facebook (2), and follow 03)

  10. I'm commenting (obviously). & I now follow this blog.

  11. I'm part of the cheer squad for OPEN MINDS over at my blog. Best of the best for Elizabeth as well.

  12. Great prizes. I'm commenting as a new follower of this blog. :)

  13. I was one of DARKSPELL's minions, as well as part of OPEN MIND's launch party! Best of luck to both ladies!

  14. Thanks so much for a terrific giveaway!!
    GFC follower
    Total: 3 entries

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  15. I've been tweeting and facebooking and stuff--get the word out! WOOOOT! ;)


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