Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CONTEST PART 2: Hurricane Season TRIPLE Book Launch Give-Away!

Guess what! We have a THIRD Scribblers Cove contributor bringing out a book this season. Announcing Paint Me True by E.M. Tippetts (known aboard ship as Emily Mah), now available at amazon.com!

We're going to sweeten the prize line up by adding a signed copy of E. M. Tippetts's first novel, Time and Eternity, to the booty.

And don't forget all our other great prizes! Free e-book copy of Sue Quinn's Open Minds, free e-book copy of Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell, art prints by Rachel Bayless and Jonene Ficklin, and the Perfect Storm movie poster.

To enter, leave a comment on either this post or the previous Hurricane Season Book Launch Give-Away post. You can earn extra entries too:

Join this blog if not already a follower (+1 entry).

Mention our Hurricane Season Double Book Launch Give-Away on your favorite social media networks (facebook, twitter, google+) and include a link to this blog post (+1 entry per each).

Blog or post about one of our book launches and include a link to the websites:

E.M. Tippets Paint Me True Website: http://www.emtippetts.com

Sue Quinn's Mindjack Trilogy Website: http://www.mindjacktrilogy.com/p/media-kit.html

Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell Website: http://AuthorElizabethMueller.com

(+1 entry per each)

Contest officially closes at midnight EST on November 30th. Winners will be announced on Dec 1 (after I get up in the morning. Give me some time, the sun rises late out here in the middle of the Pacific).


  1. Thanks for letting this stowaway join the party :-)

  2. New follower. Tweeted and FBed it. Thanks 4 pts

  3. Thanks for entering, Grace and Cindy! And hooray for all the scribblers with books coming out!

  4. Love the beach cove look. I'm a new follower. +1

  5. I would love a free book! I am already interested in Emily's and Susan's books. They're on my MUST READ list. You GO girls!!!
    I followed you here and liked you on Facebook.


  6. Great site! got great books to add to my To be read list thanks!!

    new follower
    Tweet- https://twitter.com/#!/SPNHeather/status/141582876251664384

    E.M. Tippets Paint Me True Website: follower

    Sue Quinn's Mindjack Trilogy Website: follower

    Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell Website: follower


  7. Thinking this give away would be a perfect Christmas gift for my daughter! So glad I found this blog. Although, sure makes me want to get away from AZ!


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