Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Get any good books?


  1. Lots of good books! Ship Breaker, Dash of Style, The Writer's Journey by Volger ... and that doesn't count all the ones I downloaded for myself! :)

  2. yay! no books, but a Kindle Fire in which I'm still trying to figure how to get books on there from smashwords. If only i could do a direct download, that would be heavenly.

    how about you, cap'n? <3


  3. @Susan, I still need to read Ship Breaker. Paolo's a fantastic writer - and a great guy.

    @Elizabeth, I just use my USB cable, and be aware that they'll show up as documents, not books. But... whatever *shrug*

  4. My awesome family gave me several of my favorite books - on audio. I have the hardbacks, but love to listen to books as I do artwork. I also received some e-books and am feeling rather spoiled.
    @Susan, I read Ship Breaker a while ago. Good book!
    @Rebecca, how about you? What books did you get?

  5. I did not get any books for Christmas, exactly, but I gave some! And my next-door neighbor is an English professor and creative writing teacher who is about to retire, and she brought me a HUGE stack of her old writing books. And I finally got Elizabeth's new book in the mail. Hooray! And we downloaded "Someone Else's Fairytale" onto my son's new Kindle. He probably doesn't want to read it, but I do. I can sneak it when he's at school next week.

  6. Rebecca, nice - especially the old writing books! And you have one very fortunate son to get his own Kindle!

  7. The Kindle had his name on it, but it was sort of for myself as well. I figured if I want to be a published author in the 21st century I need to know how kids are going to experience my books.

  8. @Jonene, I envy ppl who can listen to books. It puts me to sleep!

    @Rebecca, sounds like you got a treasure trove of books! Hope you like Fairytale. And who knows, maybe your son will read it and want to become a movie star or something ;-)

    We had Christmas with some friends and the boys got a lot of toys, which they're playing with right now. They got a lot of books (which I'm hoping they won't destroy. We're not doing well with that at the moment!)

  9. My hubby surprised me with a Nook tablet. Squeeeee! I'm trying to be super good and wait until payday to start downloading books. Can anyone say hard? Yup. HARD.
    My daughter got Crossed by Ally Condie. I'll be reading that after she finishes. That's the awesome thing about books, Nooks, and Kindles, more than one person can enjoy them. :)

    Merry Christmas you all!

  10. There are millions of books out there for free, Leisha. Why wait?

    And I enjoyed Crossed. I haven't convinced my daughter to read it yet. She's busy getting her short story ready for the DragonComet contest ( Deadline Jan 15th, everyone!

  11. I gave myself David Farland's Nightingale on my nook. :)

    And, I feel like a dummy but I just discovered that thrift stores are treasure troves for old books at $.99 a pop!! I had to reorganize my office to add about a hundred (or more?) books... all sorts of old favs like extra copies of tolkein, asimov, green gables, little house, narnia, l'amour, shakespeare, austin, on and on. I feel so at peace with those little paper friends behind me instead of the junky old shopping bags that were there.

    BTW, I love to do a list at the new year of books to read (or, often, reread) in the coming year. Head over to my pinterest site if you're itching with wonder and what I have on deck. :)

    Happy new year ladies (and gents)!

  12. You've got a fun reading year planned, Amber.


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