Thursday, December 1, 2011


Thanks to everyone who entered our Hurricane Season Triple Book Launch Give-Away! Last night when the contest ended I put all your entries into an excel spreadsheet, then at 7:00 am local time in Hawaii I ran the official random number routine to select our winners.

And here are the contestants who will receive this season's pirate treasures:

A free e-copy of Elizabeth Mueller's Darkspell goes to:

Melissa Sugar

A free e-copy of Sue Quinn's Open Minds goes to:


The "Perfect Storm" poster goes to:

J.C. Martin

Jonene Ficklin's "Macaw in Flight" print goes to:

Heidi L. Murphy

Rachel Bayless' "Seahorse" print goes to:

Cindy M. Hogan

And a signed copy of E.M. Tippetts Time and Eternity goes to:

Jody FL

Congratulations to all our winners! Please make sure we have your e-mail addresses so we can get your prizes to you. Thanks for helping us celebrate our triple book launch, and we look forward to swapping tales of our writing adventures with all o' ye in the many days ahead.


  1. Clearly, it's been too long since I visited. :-)

  2. That would be Jody FL - sorry misspelled the name there. Okay, Jody, please contact me here or at and I'll get your book to you!

  3. Hi Shannon! Yes, things have been quiet at the cove lately. Book launches make for busy scribblers. But we have some fun guest posts lined up for December, and we'll be seeing more of our regular crew as well, right me hearties?

  4. Yep, I laid low during the launch contests so they'd stay at the top of the blogroll.

  5. YAY! Congratulations, winner! You know, it's times like this that I wish I could win these books, too! :P

    Happy Friday!!!

  6. I am always looking for books! I can't wait to begin reading over the winter break! As an Education major I naturally collect books and have started a "classroom library." I will have books or all ages by the time I graduate! Oh and any book donations, freebies or greatly appreciated! :-)

  7. Thanks for tweeting about this contest! Sorry I didn't get your tweet at me back when you first sent it, I'm not sure what happened there. It didn't show up on my activity feed for some reason.


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