Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Pass A-Long Story

Muahahahaha! >)

I really enjoy doing these things for 3 reasons:

1. It indulges the writers in us

2. It creates a sense of friendship in sharing

3. It's so much FUN to see how it ends up (imagine the many genres we can come up with?)

So, without further a-squabblin' here be me start:

He's watching me.

Terror claws my spine and I try my best to keep it from showing.

your turn! ;)


  1. My fingers fumble over my keys as I slide them into the ignition and turn. Nothing. I don't mean to, but my eyes rise, meeting his across the street, as I turn the engine over again and again

  2. "C'mon beast. Don't let me down now." I mutter under my breath.

    My heart skips as I glance down at the gauges, the needle buried just under the 'E'. Despite my desperate mental urging, it remains in place, mocking my inability to remember small details...such as fuel.

    When I raise my eyes, my heart completely stops.

    My watcher is no longer there.

  3. The minute hairs on the back of my neck fizz. I sense his presence, needling the back of my mind, filling me with fear. Anticipation. My heart quickens and the seconds become eons.

    I turn and find him there. Behind me. Watching. Breathing. Wanting. Me.

  4. Without thinking I scramble across the front seat, reaching for the passenger door like a lifeline. For some reason it won't open. As I pull frantically a small voice in the back of my mind tells me it is locked. Already I see a black shadow reflected in the window and cringe as the glass shatters, spraying across my exposed legs.

  5. I scream.
    The stranger reaches an arm through the window, groping for the door handle. I kick at the passenger door, tears streaming down my face. As I wait for the attack, I mutter the words my mother taught me under my breathe. A burst of light shoots from my fingertips.

  6. I have no idea what's going on, but I feel electric charges flowing from every part of my body to my hands . . . and out. There's a weird sizzling sound. The door rattles. The man screams.

    And me. What's happening?

    I've never felt so alive.

  7. Bravo! This was fantastic! Great going! I Loved it. :)))


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