Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just 2 Things . . .!

There are two things I've learned from a course that I'm taking to help cut down on information dumping, back story, extra words, phrases, scenes or even chapters (or whatever else you can include in this list).

Ask yourself this as you edit:

1. Does it strengthen the character?

2. Does it pull the story forward?

What's in your toolbox?


  1. Elizabeth, thanks for the tips and the link! The cruise course sounds like a lot of fun : )
    How are you taking her course - in person or online?

  2. She sounds like an awesome teacher! Thanks for the tips. I LOVE the pic btw. Beautiful.

  3. Hi, Elizabeth! :-)

    Those are two perfect questions! And you make a lovely mermaid.

  4. Good point! As I was washing the dishes this morning I whirled around and pumped my fist in the air with a triumphant hoot--I'd had a sudden flash of how to elegantly combine both character and story in a scene I'm working on.

  5. Jonene, hi! *Waving* Thank you. ;) I'm taking it online. I wish I could take it in person.

    Leisha, hello. :D You're welcome! I hope it helps. ;)

    Susan, thank you! :D I know this probably won't cover it all, but I think it would help lots. :D

    Shannon, I was so excited when I came across them and couldn't resist. :) Thank you for saying that about me as a mermaid. How did you know it's me? ;)

    Rebecca! Wow, are you going to post that? C'mon, girl, you need to share your secret with us now!!!!

  6. Eliz, it wasn't anything epic. I had a sub-plot I needed to introduce, and I had a character-building moment I had envisioned, and I realized I could hit them both in the same scene.

    I've heard that's the key to good pacing. Make sure each scene accomplishes more than one thing.


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