Friday, August 27, 2010

All Right, Let Me On This Ship!

I'm coming on board, too. Why? Because who wouldn't want to be on board with this amazing crew? And, I can't tread water that long.

So, you should know right off that I stink at talking about myself. It usually goes something like this:

Me: Well, um lets see. Oh. I'm a girl.

Other person: Yup. I can see that.

Me: I like to write stuff.

Other person: Why?

See, not the best, huh? But just for you all, I'll give it a try.

As you already know, I'm a girl, and I like to write stuff. Fantasy mostly because I do love me some magic. Everyone's life should have magic in it. It seasons all your experiences like cinnamon or garlic, but way better--and not together.

My favorite thing to write is YA because in my heart I'm a reckless nineteen-year-old with an eye for adventure and a splash of love. In my body, I'm a *mumbles something under breath* year-old mother of four who splats into bed way before a teenager would because I've chased kids and ideas around all day. But, I do have the love part. My hubby's a keeper.

Let's see, what else could I possibly torture you with? I mean, tell you about myself? I make up my own songs, none of which make any sense. I hate dishes, laundry, and cleaning toilets, and I adore not having to cook. Did I mention I have four kids? Yeah, the whole cleaning thing isn't working out for me.

Well, I'll stop now so you won't be afraid of this superb blog and come back for more.

Thanks for letting me on the ship.

Leisha Maw


  1. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you on the crew!

  2. It sounds like a great ship and I'm so glad you're on board. Congratulations! I'm marking this blog down as a keeper.

  3. Welcome, Leisha! Four kids - shiver me timbers! I've got three, and the cleaning was an early casualty! Can't wait to talk writerly with ya'll once I'm off my blog break. Wait, what am I doing here?? *hides*

  4. By the way, how do you get away with not having to cook? I guess I won't be assignin' ye to the galley, aye?

  5. Rebecca, thanks, and I don't get away with it. Sigh. It's just not very interesting food that makes it to the table. I can't afford to waste creative energy on food. I need what little I got for words.

    Jonene, yea! This is a keeper kind of place. Sweet beaches, parrots, me not cooking. Yup. It's good.

    Susan, I'm so glad to be here! I can't wait to get to know you! This is going to be a great group.


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