Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whoa, shiver me timbers!

I be honored to join your crew. You sure? You did say pirates, fisherman, writers and professional liars are welcome, right? So glad you included the last part.

It was actually a whopper of a lie that got me into writing in the first place. Yes, I told a doozy. At the ripe old age of nine, I convinced myself and all my friends that I was actually a Native American Indian, and adopted.

I’m not. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this, either. My hair is brown and curly –
not in the smooth ‘to-die-for curls’, but in the wild Irish ‘you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me’ frizz. My skin is whiter than the North Pole on January 1st. And I look very much like my parents and siblings.

It was a big mistake to share the lie with my best friend’s mother. She called my mom. It took her fifteen minutes to explain all the convincing detail I’d concocted.

Yes, I got in trouble. Yes, I was assigned a new hobby, which was to turn all that creative juice into something socially acceptable. Writing. Delicious, wonderful writing!

And I’m oh, so glad. If you like adventurous romantic thrillers for YA and Adult audiences, you’re in good company. So do I – both reading and writing them. Currently, I'm putting the finishing touches on my fifth novel.

So now you know one of my deep, dark secrets.

Another is that I love to illustrate all those wild images lurking in my mind. Okay, by the time they make it on paper/canvas, they’ve tamed down a bit, but I do have a thing for parrots and islands. If you're brave enough to look, there are samples at:

So between the writing and artwork, which thankfully gulp up any free time left over after my first loves – my husband and children – I don’t have much time to get into trouble.

I still do, though. It finds me. Can I hide out here?


  1. Glad you could come aboard, Jonene! I'll be lookin' forward to yer posts. An' don't forget to add a link to yer blog over there in the sidebar.

  2. You DO have a thing for the parrots! I love your artwork! And welcome aboard!

  3. Hey, Jonene! I've known you for several years now, and never heard this story! So, so funny!

  4. Leisha, it didn't help that my professional artist father painted mostly western themes and that I and my siblings posed for Indians all the time . . . and my favorite book was Pocahontas. By the way, thanks for the term 'delicious' writing. I loved your blog about it! And you have one very sharp little girl.

  5. Hey, Jonene! You're finishing up novel number five? Have you tried your hand at selling a manuscript?

  6. @Jonene Congrats on your two novels published and good luck with the one in-process! You must be psychic as well, because I'm posting tomorrow about the "Tao of Publishing!" And yes, it's all about patience. :)

  7. Sorry there Susan, it was a little early this morning when I posted my comment and I had more than one type-0, so I removed it to try again. Here goes:

    Yes. Two novels, titled "The Garden Gate" and "Orinoco Intrigue" were published in 2005 by a little company just getting into the book publishing business.

    They were out of business within a year, so the books are available now, but not really advertised. Even though they were out of business, I still had a contract to honor until we worked things out, so it was a few years before I could submit my work to other publishers.

    Disclaimer: They were in a hurry to publish my books for an upcoming convention, so the editing and correcting process never happened. Also, I’ve learned so much about writing since then that I’m not terribly sad these books aren’t being advertised. However, I’m grateful they were willing to take a chance on me and I’m sad things didn’t work out. So if you happen to read these books, thank you and forgive me.

    As for right now, I have an established publisher considering another manuscript.

    Selling a manuscript is a long process requiring lots of query letter drafts, lots of research on agents and publishers, conventions and workshops, and especially patience, isn't it?

    So I'm keeping myself busy while I wait. Any words of wisdom for me?

  8. AWESOME! As Sue said, congrats on your books being in print. Ah, I dream of the day when I can see my words between covers (I guess I could do that now if I revise my manuscript in bed under the quilt with a flashlight).

    Words of wisdom? If you've written five books, then you've done your internship and are definitely ready for the Big Game. And when you've got something ready to sell, I'd be happy to take a look at your submission package (query, sample pages, etc.) and tell you what I think.

    And an agent may not be necessary, but having one really speeds up the process. You've got to find a good one, though, the right one, and that's where all the research comes in.

  9. Rebecca, great advice! And I'll sure appreciate the feedback on my submission package. It should be ready here by the end of September - that's the goal anyway. How would you like me to get it to you?

    I'd love to return the favor, too. Thanks for the wisdom and help, and you have a great blog! I just checked it out.

  10. E-mail is good. I think you can find my e-mail address on the permissions page under blog settings. And I've got one almost ready to go as well, so we can swap! I just did a quick brush-up up on my first ten pages yesterday.


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