Friday, August 20, 2010

Comin' Aboard

Ahoy, shipmates. I'm Amber, and I'll be joining the crew. I love reading and writing. Writing especially. I also like swimming and playing the harp, ukulele, and pennywhistle, but not all at the same time.

I want to be an elementary school teacher after college which will give me time in the summer to write. Or I could just be a writer. I'm practical (some of the time), scientifically minded (most of the time), and I tend to think of myself as creative, (all of the time).

Right now I'm writing a 60,000 word story (or at least, that's what I'm aiming for) which, in fact, is nearly done (52,900). I've written several other stories, one of which won the Henderson Library's teen writing contest.

My goals in life are to read the Harry Potter series in a week (wish me luck), Get published when I'm 16 years old (I'm going to need much, much more than luck for that one), and create a prime number generator (Forget it).

I'm second in command of a small country called the Land of Pickles (Don't look for it on a map. It's up near the north pole. One mile north of it, actually), but that's another story.

Being the youngest crew member at the Scribblers Cove, I guess you could say I get to be the cabin boy... er, girl. I don't mind it though. Doesn't the cabin boy always get to save the day?

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  1. We have a cabin girl?? Excellent. I can see this voyage will be anything but common. :)

    Welcome aboard, Amber! I'll be posting as soon as my parrot transcribes my ramblings.


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