Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Word from the Captain

Seein' that we're getting underway now, I thought I should take a moment and give meself a proper introduction. I'm Rebecca, and I be the captain of this fine vessel by virtue of my superior... er... aye, well, to tell the truth, I be not the most experienced nor the most accomplished scribbler in the cove, but I do have a knack for gettin' folks together to do things that be crazy and fun.

As for meself, I write fantasy and science fiction for young readers. I've got three full manuscripts under my belt with a fourth in the works. I'm on the look-out for an agent for my post-apocalyptic EARTHCROSSER, and I'm excited by the response the first few chapters of my contemporary fantasy, CORRIDOR IN THE CLOSET, garnered at this year's Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop.

I hear there's been some bletherin' among the crew, some o' you lot wonderin' what we're on about here. Why, we're off to seek fame and fortune on the high seas of publishing, and we aren't afraid to put our backs into it! For it be a long haul, over dangerous waters, with storms and shoals and long days becalmed in the doldrums. But there be treasure out there, me hearties, plenty for all who set their sails and won't turn back. And whether days are fair or dark along the way, it'll be a fine thing to have a crew of true mates around ye.

An' now, after that stirring speech (applause please), time to be off! Hurry up! Move the ... thing! Um ... that other thing! MOVE IT!


  1. Cool. There's a beach. I'm in.

  2. If there be peanuts, I be in, too.

  3. Peanuts? I think we had some peanuts around here somewhere... oh, sorry, it looks like the parrot ate them.

  4. I'm still ashore, but I'll be settin' sail in me fastest ship and catch ye yet. Thanks for counting me worthy!

  5. LOL! And I love the new title (at least new to me) for Corridor in the Closet!

  6. Thanks, Sue! I'm glad you like it. And Amber, we'll be waiting to bring you aboard!


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