Thursday, September 30, 2010

Contest Ahoy!

It's contest time here at The Scribbler's Cove. So how do you enter? Simple: leave a comment below!

Want extra entries?
+1 for each time you tweet about the contest [Limit 5 times for a total of +5 points]*
+2 Put The Scribbler's Cove on your sidebar
+2 if blog about the contest [Limit of 2 for a total of +4 points]*
+2 Share it on Facebook [Limit of 3 times for a total of +6 points]*
+2 [for each friend] Get a friend to follow and leave a comment with who sent them [here there be no limit]
+2 If you are a New Follower
+1 add up your total

*These extra entries will only count one extra entry in that category per day.

Here be the rules (not merely the guidelines): 
Please tab up your own score and update the total for us at the top of your comment. We'll even give you +1 entry if you do that for us! Also, make sure you give us links to verify, or put @chersti in your tweets.

Contest starts NOW and ends Friday, October 15 pacific standard time.

We will draw four lucky winners -- here's the booty to be won: 

[1st prize] A signature stamped copy of Mockingjay, the final book of the wildly popular Hunger Games series. Suzanne Collins will be coming to Susan's hometown on Monday, so she will get a signed copy and send it to the lucky winner.

[2nd prize] An 8 x 10 giclee print of Macaw parrots by Jonene Ficklin, entitled "Soaring through Paradise"

[3rd prize] $15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble

[runner up] The Gardener by S.A. Bodine  and a pirate eyepatch

 **Sorry, mateys, but this here contest is only open to U.S. and Canada residents**


  1. I was so excited about this but blogger thought it was best to delete my comment *cries* I hate it when that happens! I hope I can keep the excitement for round two!

    YIPEE!!! I think #1 is probably bad luck but maybe I'll benefit! I'm a follower, I love your blog! I'll be tweeting about this, facebooking about this, sidebaring and giving you a blog shout-out! Tally it up!!! :)


    Great giveaway - jenniferdaiker(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Hey mate, What's your Twitter handle? Or did I not see it on your blog? Saw the Tide Table. That was cool.

  3. I have 6 points: +1 tweet, +2 Put The Scribbler's Cove on your sidebar, +2 follower, + 1 adding up.

    For some reason my first comment got deleted too! Good thing I came back!

  4. +1 for commenting, +2 for adding you on my sidebar, +2 for sharing on Facebook, +2 because I'm a New Follower, and +1 for adding up my total= 8

    This book made me SOB! But I'm ready to start the series all over again now that I know everyone's secrets. Hauntingly, hearbreakingly beautiful.

  5. +3 for now, will go up to +5 or +7. Great idea, everyone!

  6. Loving the Scribbler's Cove! Thanks for sharing.

    +1 for the total
    +2 for tweets --
    +2 added to my blog sidebar --
    +2 new follower

    TOTAL: 7

  7. To answer @cleemckenzie: our twitter handle is currently in the works. Right now I am keeping tabs on this contest, so add me to your tweets @chersti at the end of your tweet so I can verify that you are tweeting. Thanks!

  8. Great giveaway, +3 here.
    Love the blog.

  9. Oooh! Great contest, I'm excited. I'm a new follower and I can add! I guess that means...



  10. Love the giveaway - am reading the first book now. Off to tweet and FB.

  11. +2. where did you get an signed copy? That's too cool to give away, right?

  12. I would love a signed copy. I am a new follower and I posted it on my facebook page and this comment plus my total so that is: +7

  13. Hey! I am a new follower as of Friday but forgot to enter into this contest:)

    so I have +2

  14. What a fun blog! I'm a new follower!:)

    +3 for me matey's! :D


  15. Ahoy! Love the blog background. Please enter me in the contest. I'm a new follower, so it's +3.

  16. 5+

    Followed, added up my total, and tweeted twice.
    Also, nice blog!

  17. +10

    What an awesome prize! I am a new follower, included Scribblers Cove in my sidebar, will FB from my home computer tonight, and will include a link to the contest on my blog (and did the math). :-)

  18. +2 sidebar
    +2 Facebook
    +2 If you are a New Follower
    +1 adding it up!
    =7 total

    Thanks for telling me about this contest, Rebecca. I love your blog. I wished I knew you had started this lovely up way back in August. If you ever need a substitute, let me know!!!


  19. +1 for Total = +9 (including my +1)

    +2 Sidebar :
    +2 Blogged Contest:
    +2 New Follower (Kristina Barnes)

    Thanks for hosting this contest! Really awesome <3 <3