Saturday, September 4, 2010

Plunging Back In

I haven't looked at this manuscript for nine months.

I sit, turned away from my desk, green pencil in hand, taking shallow breaths and staring out the window. The fresh print-out on my lap--what will I find there? How many mistakes? How much work does it still need? Do I really have to do this?


Throat tight, stomach clenched, I force my eyes to read the first line.

That wasn't so bad. On to the next. That sentence could use some work. Mark it, go on. Next paragraph. Ooooh, that was nice! I forgot I put that in there. Hey, that's good too. Hee hee. I love this book! Aha! Another error! Green pencil, take it away! I could change this, make it even better...

And before I know it, I'm on page twenty.

I do enjoy revising, once I get into it.


  1. Go you! It's a wonderful feeling, falling in love with your story all over again. And improving it at the same time = awesome!

  2. Good for you! I like editing and revising, too.

  3. Me too... it's just the getting started part.

  4. It's an adventure reading something you wrote after that long, isn't it? It adds the perfect degree of emotional separation. Have you read 'On Writing' by Stephen King? I'm not a fan of horror, so I haven't read his other books, but this one is a fantastic book full of advice for writers. After he finishes a story, like you, he puts it away for an extended period of time. Then he rereads it and begins the editing process.

    Way to go, Rebecca! Have fun!

  5. Here from the barbeque. Your post really resonated with me because I'm also in editing mode. I found some plot holes in my story, so before moving forward with the re-write, I am outlining the entire novel. I wrote the first draft by the seat of my pants and now I'm paying for it.(:

    So far, I've killed two of my darlings, cut about five chapters and added seven. In truth, I've found that organizing my thoughts has not only made my story more cogent, but the plot flows better. Then onto the writing...Sigh...Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever complete my novel. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. Which book is this? And it sounds like you are making great progress. Congrats for plunging back in. :)

  7. This is Earthcrosser, Leisha. I'm about to start my second wave of submission to literary agents, and so why not do a little spit and polish first?

  8. I LOVE Earthcrosser! I'm so ecxcited for you!


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