Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Pirate's Life for Me

Hello to me! The newest writer of the blog. [Chersti -- pronounced share - stee]

[insert cheering crowd]

*waves* Well, let's start off with a little about me. I just graduated with my BA in English, and am now embarking into the world of writing full time. It's been amazing and hard, but finally I have the 8 hours a day I want to write, and not just the hour here and there. (We can all understand that one, right?) I'm such an eclectic writer, which also reflects my reading tastes. I've finished a picture book, a chapter book, and a few YA novels in varying genres. I am currently querying my latest project: a YA dystopian novel that you can read more about here

I am a Broadway fanatic, and love to travel to pretty much anywhere. And some day I want to own a dog. [Not that I want random dogs dropped off on my doorstep.] And the last thing you should know about me is that I have been enthralled with pirates since I was young, so I was elated to join the amazing writers on this blog!

Meet Jack. He is my writing mascot, and whispers all sorts of devlish ideas into my brain while I type. He was once kidnapped and held for ransom, and my writing suffered much for that short time in my life. But that is over and done with, and he is now happy to hang in my writing office. 

And, like any real pirate, I have a treasure chest.

[I just want to point out that all of these things were given to me as presents. I was easy to shop for.]

So that's a little about me. I am actually curious about the followers of this blog -- what do you guys read and write?? Also, what questions do you have about the writing world that you would like to see posts on?


  1. Welcome aboard, matey! (and good luck with yer querying!)

    My reading lately has been driven by my writing (reading MG and YA because that's what I write), but I'm also trying to throw in a few adult novels along the way. I'm supposed to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my book club, so I better get on that!

  2. Since pirates have no word for "awesome" I must say that words can not express my feelings about your pitch for Last Onset. Can I just say I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK NOW!!!! That is such an awesome idea.

    I've been trying to read the Percy Jackson series (at WIFYR Dave said we should study the bestsellers). I stalled out in book one when the bus broke down, but I may be able to pick it up again once I've got Earthcrosser back out of the nest.

  3. Hello, Chersti, and welcome aboard! Loved your dystopian teaser! You've got some mad skills. Can't wait to see more. As for what I like to read - well anything, provided it's good, but especially something with adventure and a little bit of romance. Just finished Hunger Games and am reading The Thief as we speak. I love writing adventures/thrillers. I'll take any advice that helps me improve the craft. I'd love to see your artwork, too!

  4. Thank you all for your kind words! Seriously, they made me all sorts of happy.

    @Susan: Let me know what you think of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO because I've been really curious about that.

    @Rebecca: I have yet to read Percy Jackson series. I even recently bought them with hopes of opening them. Haven't even gotten that far yet. But definitely will soon.

    @Jonene: The Thief series is one of my favorites. MWT is such a talented author. I think we have similar tastes, because I like action and a little romance, which is what I tend to write.

  5. Argh, it be good to have another true pirate on board!

  6. Hi Chersti, I can tell you have a great and vivid imagination which will make you a brilliant author. I love to write all sorts of things too. I've recently had a go at mircofiction, I have a women's fiction novel in the pipeline, a ghost short story and I'm booked to go on a crime writing workshop. I dabble in poems, too and I have ideas for Sci Fi apocalyptic stuff. :O)

  7. @Madeleine: That is so amazing that you get to play around in all those genres! I've found that diversity in writing can be so fulfilling :-)


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