Friday, September 24, 2010

Typing THE END

It's really just the beginning, I know, but typing THE END gives me a high like no other. It's just the rough draft, but it's finally there in black and white with all its glory, plot turns, warts, bad craft and all.

I told the second graders, during my class visit, that they had to go over their work five times - that it takes five drafts to make a book. (I didn't add what I was thinking: if you're lucky)

And this is only Draft One.

But it feels so good.

Draft Two starts on Monday (actually, draft two has been in progress on other parts of the novel already, but whatever!). Until then, I'm going to enjoy this floaty feeling that comes from typing those two small words.



    It is great to finish a manuscript. Now you can say: "I've written (x+1) manuscripts," where x was the number you had written before.

    So when can I read it? Prob'ly not 'till draft three or four, huh?

  2. This is MS#3, of the ones "written for possible maybe publication some day." :)

    And I'd love for you to read it after Draft Two! (I'm really fudging here, because my crit group has already been through almost all of it once). My Draft Two on this MS is more the level of Draft Four on the last one.

    Funny how that works.

  3. I feel exactly the same way typing 'The End'. Starting a story is fun, but it's the conclusion I really live for.

  4. Woot! Congrats on finishing your draft! Huge grins headed your way. *GRIN*


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