Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi, I'm a Cave-Dwelling Writer

Ahoy mateys!

Ever git that creepin' feelin' that ye can't speak as well as ye write?

I do. All the time.

I can write a beautiful scene. I can write natural dialogue. I can write believable characters.

But when it comes to talking to others in real life, I feel the odd fish out. It's not so surprising. I'm around 4 kids all day long--but for when they are at school (and it's then that I write). A few hours at church, but even at that, I'm with kids, too!!

How is it like for you?


  1. First - I love your mermaid drawing! Loverly.

    I speak a lot in public now, so that's not so much a problem for me. However, I do remember when I was surrounded by kids all day that making adult conversation seemed to elude me. Even now, my thoughts are revolving around the teen/kid issues that I write about all day! But my job as school board member keeps me fluent in adult-speak as well. :)

  2. Hi, Susan! Wow, good for you. I guess there's a time and place for everything and now it's for me to speak child-talk. Lol, you should hear my verbal vocabulary!

    Thanks for the mermaid compliment! :D

  3. I know how you feel, Elizabeth! I much prefer to communicate by e-mail than by phone simply because once those words go out of my mouth, I can't revise!

    When I say I like to talk to people, that means I like to listen to THEM talk. I like to find questions that bring out their stories, and then I sit back and listen.

  4. I can totally relate. Not to being around kids all the time, my wife and I don't have any kids... yet. But I can write witty dialogue much easier than I can speak it. I can also write exactly what I want to say, but to speak it? Not so easy.

    I sometimes stutter on certain sounds. It can be really frustrating. Trying to say something and it comes out all choppy.

    It makes me think, towards my vocal cords:

    Ye scurvy dogs! Arrr, ya need t' git yer act together! Quit gettin' stuck on sounds and say what ya mean, ya scalawags!

  5. I hear you! You can always rewrite a scene, but you can never retalk a speach. :)

  6. Rebecca--oh so true! Funny how that is, hu? :)

    Kevin, lol! You make me laugh. It can be challenging for me to talk to others because I can't take my wrongly spoken words.

    Leisha, true! Thanks for dropping by! ;)

  7. Elizabeth, you're in the best phase to observe and write it all down. Authentic kid-speak is worth it's weight in gold in the writing world!

    And it's the written word that goes down in history, so you're in the clear!

  8. I know how it is! It falls under the same category as the midnight "Oh-shoot-*that's*-what-I-should-have-said!"
    But I have an advantage: a character who is Sarcasm Incarnate. Actually, he would leave blisters on the ego of Sarcasm Incarnate. Also, he is almost ruthlessly intelligent. So in order to write him properly, I spend a lot of time coming up with snappy one-liners. I have about fifteen pages of nothing but one-liners. You'd be amazed how often I manage to use them in everyday conversation, thereby garnering Witty Points I really don't deserve. Mua-ha.


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