Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Write a Book or More a Year

At a recent writing conference, a prolific writer offered her advice on how to get a book written in a scandalously short amount of time.

And here’s the magic answer.

Know your weaknesses.

Do you accidentally surf the net? Go shopping? Polish the hardware? Check out the software?

What is it that stops and sidetracks you? Well stop THAT and take notes on your weaknesses. Make a plan to counteract each one. Make a plan that works to keep YOU writing. (Everyone will have a different plan.)

I like that. I know my problem now. I’m actually sidetracking because Scribbler’s Cove is one of my weaknesses.

My plan? Post this and get back to work. See you when I’ve met my writing goals!


  1. Oh, this is just what I needed! It ties in perfectly with my post for today. Thanks, Jonene! :-)

  2. No kidding! Blogging is definitely a distraction. I'd say HBO and OnDemand movies are my distraction. I don't watch TV, but I'm a sucker for movies when I have free time.
    I love the suggestions. Maybe I should disconnect the cable. Hmmmmm.......

  3. Knowing your weaknesses - perfect! Good luck reaching your goals!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Jonene! It is amazing what we can accomplish when we figure out how to stop wasting time.

    But be sure and take time to relax too.

  5. I do all those things. Well, I don't polish hardware, but you get the idea. I am queen of distractions. So, I'm going dark now, as is shutting down the net to get some work done.

  6. Good luck with those awesome goals!! I hope you make them soon and make your way back to the blog!!! I need to work on my weaknesses!

  7. Shannon, you have a great blog! Love the three goal idea.

    Pk Hrezo, oh, yeah. Movies. A real weakness of mine. It's hard to resist any kind of good story.

    Susan, thanks!

    Rebecca, I like that. I'm going to include relaxing in my goals - maybe with a good book or a good movie : )

    Leisha, I've seen you move mountains. You go girl!

    Jen, thank you!! My goal is to finish (again - I'm in the polishing/revamping mode) my book in a week,then give it one more polish before I submit. Thanks for the good wishes. I need them.

  8. Hmmm... does high school count as a weakness? I don't think I'd mind cutting that out of my schedule.

  9. Amber, good question that I don't dare answer, ha ha! But you'll end up with a lifetime of material from these years, so hang in there and write like crazy.


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