Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pass-along Story

By Leisha Maw

Today I thought it would be fun to do a pass-along story. You know the kind where each person writes one paragraph and passes it along to the next adventurer to add a bit. In the spirit of Halloween, here it goes. (Just remember, we’re a family friendly site. *Wink*)

Rachel dug through her bag. “Wooden spike, Zombie-be-gone spray, garlic lipstick, Mummy-off, cell phone, fluffy slippers, and sweet pea hand sanitizer.” She zipped the pouch shut and grabbed her keys. “Mom, I’m ready for my date.”

Okay, your turn. Let's see where this story goes.


  1. "Mom? Hello?"

    Rachel cautiously crept down the stairs, peering around the railing to the living room where her mother had just been a moment ago.

    "That's odd." She whispered to herself.

    Then, from the front entry she glimpsed a familiar pair of black shoes. Black shoes, which led to black socks, which led to...

    "Edward? Are you down there? I'm almost ready. Have you seen my mom?"

  2. (Garlic lipstick? Lol! You're SO cute! <3)

    He lifted glowing red yes, his skin pulsing white within the dim glow of the dying fire in its hearth.

  3. Rachel put her hand on her hip. "Look, pal. I've got a date and a wooden stake. I don't have time for your nonsense tonight. Now, be on your merry blood-sucking way."

    The creature lunged at her, his black-soled shoes leaving a mark on Mom's new parquet floor. She was not going to be happy about that. In one smooth move, Rachel pulled the stake out of her purse and thrust it up into Black Shoe Vamp's heart when he reached her.

    He exploded into a puff of sparkly dust all over her dress. Rachel made a face and brushed the vamp residue off her arms. It was hopeless. She'd have to change again.

  4. "Mom!" she called as she ascended the stairs to her room. "Sorry about the vamp dust! Where are you?"

    It took her ten minutes to find something that would go with the make up she had applied earlier. As she smoothed out her skirt, her mother came out of the floor. Rachel didn't like it when she did that, but she was too flustered to say anything. Besides, it wasn't like it was going to change anytime soon. Having a ghost for a mother really had its disadvantages sometimes.

    "Sorry, dear," Rachel's mom said, "I had to scare those darn kids from the yard again."

  5. A knock sounded at the door. Rachel squeeled. "That's Horatio! Well, I'm off."

    Her mom sank into the floorboards. "I'll get the door."

    "Mom! I like this one." Rachel bounded down the stairs just as her mother dripped from the ceiling. "Please, Mom."

    Her mother faded away with a wave, and Rachel yanked open the door.

    A lanky red-headed boy jerked his finger out of his right ear and grinned. "Ready?"

    Her eyes traveled over his rib-skinny frame, coming to rest on his protruding elbows. Her heart fluttered. She smiled and followed him to his hot pink scooter. "I can't wait."

  6. "This is one of my favorite movies" Rachel commented while pulling on her fluffy bunny slippers."Umm, what are you doing?" Horatio squeaked. "Getting ready for the movie. What does it look like?" She responded.
    "Never mind" Horatio mumbled. "Is there anything I can get ...
    Just then the contents of Rachel purse spilled out over the floor.

  7. Horatio pounced on the zombie-be-gone spray, his eyes wide as he turned the can, reading and re-reading the label. "Where did you get this?"

    Rachel frowned. "Uh, I don't know. My mom brought it home. Why?"

    Horatio shook his head, blinking, lips moving as he read the disclaimer label. "Chica, do you have any idea what you got here?"

    "Yeah. Zombie spray."

    He held it up. "The company closed down and nobody's been able to buy it in over a year. This is like gold." His eyes got even wider. "We can go through Nightmare Alley with this. Nobody could stop us. Let's pass on the move and have some real fun tonight."

    "Nightmare Alley? No way," Rachel said, stepping back.

    Horatio grabbed her waist and pulled her over. "Come on, beautiful. Now's the time to show the world what you're made of."

    Rachel had no idea why she got on the bike, why she wasn't running back in her house and locking the door. She knew what would happen when they crossed into forbidden territory, and it sure wasn't going to be pretty.

  8. "This is so cool!" Horatio exclaimed as they began their evening stroll down Nightmare Alley.
    Rachel looked away and rolled her eyes. He was acting like a first grader on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Why could she never have a normal date? She wished she were back at the theater watching the movie and munching popcorn. She grumbled at the thought. It was supposed to be her night off!
    Rachel's trained eyes caught glimpses of limping figures gathering around them in the darkness. She glanced at Horatio smiling like he was on cloud nine. He would not be so excited if he knew what really happened in Nightmare Alley she thought. then she smiled and realized he was about to find out.
    "So are you ready for some fun?" Rachel asked. She put her hands in her purse and fingered her Zombie-be-gone spray.

  9. A putrid white hand reached into the dim glow of the streetlight that surrounded them.

    "Get behind me," Rachel whispered. The zombie crowd pressed closer, shuffling toward them out of the shadows.

    With a playful chuckle, Horatio ducked behind Rachel, put his hands on her waist, and leaned out to watch.

    Stupid hormones, so distracting, Rachel thought to herself as she shook the can, trying to ignore the warm tingles from Horatio's touch.

    "Take that, zombie scum!"

    A bright blue plasma erupted from the spray can's nozzle. Undead moans rolled out into the night as the zombies covered their faces and staggered back. Then the moans turned into screams.

    Rachel lowered the can, peering into the darkness as the zombie crowd began to stampede in a jumble of rags and rotting flesh. She'd never heard zombies scream before. The sound was like werewolf claws on a whiteboard. They picked up their feet as if the street was on fire. One zombie at the edge of the crowd fell to the ground...and dissolved with a hissing fizzle.

    "That's good stuff." Horatio said.

    "That wasn't just the Zombie spray," Rachel said, feeling her heart jump into her throat. "That's not supposed to happen."

    "What's that?" Horatio pointed into the black shadows on the now-empty street.

  10. A dark form took shape, floating straight toward them.

    The moon slipped out from behind dark October clouds to reveal a hooded figure. Arms outstretched with fingers hooked, it approached.

    Rachel sighed, "Mom, cut it out. What did you do?"

    Pale, transparent arms rose and pulled the hood back to reveal a tragically beautiful face. As if underwater, long black hair wafted up and around her head. "You know better than this and if you're going to date the living, I wish you'd pick guys with active brain cells. This one's an idiot," Rachel's mother said, pointing at Horatio. "I knew I'd better come along."

    "Mom!" Rachel said, throwing a glance at her date.

    Horatio's mouth open mouth wasn't helping his image. "That's your mother?" he said and then grinned. "You've got a ghost mom? Wow, I see where you got your good looks."

    Rachel's mouth tightened and she rolled her eyes, turning a furious look at her mother.
    "Take me home, Horatio. This date is over."

  11. (This was sooo fun! I took the rule literally and restrained to ONE paragraph. Next time I know better! Let's do this again!!!)

  12. I use way too much white space to limit myself to one paragraph.


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