Friday, October 29, 2010

Submission or Bust

posted by Rebecca J. Carlson

I want to be blissfully drafting my next book.

Instead, I am meticulously checking the punctuation on every line of dialog in my previous book.

(sound of forehead striking keyboard repeatedly)

hyg trf tgfg trf vh iol

P.S. GREAT pass-along story, Leisha! I loved that opening. Fabulous job everyone. Thanks for the laughs. I needed them.


  1. Rebecca, I'm right there with you on the head pounding the keys thing. I was hoping to be meticulously checking my finished work, but now need to rewrite the end (which will bring a lot of relief - when it's done - because it worried me before). But back to work. I need to switch my brain off of lovely brainstorming my new work and go back and do things right.

    Good luck with the proofing! Won't be long now.

    :jae;th eyeltlyl; lapp (head hitting the keyboard)

  2. Feel your pain, sister. Just think how happy you'll be when the pain stops. :)

  3. It won't be long now. Eventually, everything will be done and sent away, and then I can get back to my favorite part.

  4. I think we all feel your pain. Sheesh. And glad you had fun with the pass along story. It made me giggle. :)

  5. LOL, Rebecca. You're so cute. I know how you feel. *hugs*


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