Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is My Writing Career

Yes, there it is. That's it. My writing career.

I planted the seeds a long time ago, in a nice pot with good soil. I water them nearly every day.

And I wait.

Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes I want to scream "WELL GROW ALREADY!!!" And sometimes I'm so tempted to dig up the seeds and see if they are doing anything.

But I don't. I keep watering.

Someday, something marvelous is going to grow in this pot. I may need to put in new seeds, I may need to wait a long time, but something beautiful is coming. I know it.

Just wait and see.


  1. Great analogy and oh, I hear you. The waiting kills you. But on the other hand, while you're learning the craft and developing your voice, you look back and you're glad that it didn't happen a few years before when things were still in the seedling stage.

    Can't wait to see the 'fruit of your labors'! : )

  2. So true! Especially about the digging up the seeds to see if they're doing anything. Can't wait for you to have a thriving plant. *grin*

  3. I know it too. Something is coming for you, because you just have too much talent and perseverance for it NOT to happen.

    The only cure for the waiting is distraction. Otherwise, it's just madness.

    Hang in there! :)

  4. So cute! BTW, you won our one sentence contest at Mormon Mommy Writers Blog!!! Email soon!

  5. "He also serves who stands and waits" (Milton, 'On His Blindness').

  6. Hi Rebecca! I love the blog you've put together here! Do you do guests? Let me know. :)

    I know something will always come of those seeds, especially if they are nurtured with Heavenly light!
    Take care!

  7. *sigh* Me, too. I love the way you put it, though - lovely! And I know it will grow soon. Hang in there and keep watering. :-)

  8. Nikki, I won the contest? Really? I am so absolutely thrilled! Ho ho, I have some good stuff for you to critique too.

    Thanks, everyone! And the same to you. Now I'm off for my daily watering - today it's a final mark-up to prepare for submission.

  9. Rebecca, may I further your analogy? I noticed something about myself: I have an obsession with orchids, but I have a really hard time growing them because they are SO SLOW! I want them to grow like mom's amaryllis used to, an inch a day. But do you remember how long those blooms lasted? As magnificent as they were, they faded in a day or two. Do you know how long orchid blooms last? I had one that lasted for 6 months! Just think to yourself when it seems to be going too slow, "I'm growing an orchid."

  10. Jonene, I forgot to say that I COMPLETELY agree with you. I am so glad that no one except my dearest critique group friends will ever see my very first attempt at writing a book.

    And Rachel, that's a great way to look at it. What I've put in that pot is macadamia nut seeds. They can take months to sprout, and then years to bear fruit. But I adore macadamias, so if I could have my very own tree, it will be worth the wait.

  11. Only you could come up with such a perfect analogy. You're not only a teacher, you're a teacher of life. I miss you my dear friend...

  12. Rebecca, you're so awesome. Thank you for the luvs!!

    *HUGS* to infinity!

  13. I love the look of your blog!! Loved your post too. Don't give up. Sometimes those seeds take a while. Believe me, I speak from experienced. You can't quit because it will happen if you just keep going.

    I'm a follower!

  14. Don't give up. Everything will come to you in time. Time is the true God of the Universe.

  15. Dude, Amos, my next book has a cult of mystic Time Worshipers in it.


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